December 2005

7th, River Ribble.

Sue of on her "Jolly" again from Manchester so back on the Ribble, took Les his 2 Peregrine Flood Rods, and also met up with Mark again, not much too say really river looked really nice a little bit on but no fish topping and not a bite between us.9th, River Ribble. Sue was due back at 8pm tonight so after arranging for Beth to stay at her friends after school I slipped off to meet Les around noon. 80 miles down the M62 and remembered I had left my "fishing rucksack" in the garage, I really am getting forgetul lately, one week it was the unhooking mat, another time my landing net and one trip my "Rod Pod",my bait tub another, so I have decided to make a check list (see 11th december below). Met Les in plenty of time, he was taking me too a new stretch of the river today, as we pulled up at the farm it was a lovely day 9oc and a little cloudy. I had already told Les of my forgetfulness, as we unloaded our gear, I went to get my rods from the "roof box" and it wouldn't unlock, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my "quiver" out of the bloody thing! 20 mins later and still no joy. What a day this was turning out to be, luckily Les always fishes with 2 rods so at least I could fish. Les has always been one for long walks (think he is a secret rambler) last week he fell in on his way to the river and spent 3 hours in his "undies" trying to dry out after falling in a ditch, It was a smashing walk to the river though, just my chair to carry! As I was borrowing one of his rods we decided on the "snuggled" approach and fished next to each other. there were fish "topping" everywhere in the swim, chub, barbel and even the odd salmon (I think). They never got there heads down though but we did end up with a couple of chub apiece, I had forgotten how much "mono" stretches after using "braid" exclusiveley for 10 years!! all the same one of the "nicest" days fishing I have had in a long time. 11th Middle Trent.Earlier in the month I had had a "gloating" phone call from "bamboo" telling me he could put his feet up till January, as he had caught his December barbel, it is a thing with us that we try to catch one every month of the season, not done it yet ever. So after last weeks 2 disastrous trips to Lancashire, I decided that one outing befor christmas was called for, especially as a mild spell was due over the weekend, a few mates had been down on friday, saturday and sunday during the day,but no barbel had shown at all.It had taken me 2 hours to retrieve my rods from the roof box with the help of a drill, hammer, chisel, hacksaw, pliers it ended in "tears" with a sorry looking box with no lock and a 6" x4" hole in the bottom of it!!After composing my checklist over the last couple of days I knew I had not left anything "at home". I left about 4.30pm, now it usually it takes about 90 mins to get to the Trent but today it took me over an hour just to get to the west of Hull (bloody road works), as I drove down the lane to the fishery Fred was coming up on his way home (not looking good on the fishing front) we chatted for a while and he told me of his trip in the new year to Australia and NewZealand, I asked if he was doing any fishing while he was there, and he said he would do if he could hire a rod, kind hearted gent that I am, I offered him my Peregrine 4 piece which he gratefully accepted.The river looked perfect as I walked down to the swim Fred had vacated ( he had put some bait in, so they might just move on to it later!) The water was a tepid 7oC 3oC in the last 10 days and a couple of feet "on" and pushing through nicely after last weeks rain. As I set up Steve came and sat for a while on his way home, he had had a bream just over 6lbs but no barbel, (it was still not looking good). He departed and I was left on my own, contemplating Man Utds' departure from europe earlier in the week and a home draw with "the toffees" this afternoon, could things get any worse?I set up 2 rods, the Peregrine GTX down the inside with worm on and a new "Stepped Up Avon" I received from Roger a couple of weeks ago, this one with 6 ozs on was cast 5 rod lengths out with a special "glugged" pellet with a PVA bag of small pellets attached. Not a touch on the worm rod (which was a surprise) I thought there would have been atleast a few chub about, and then at 8.30 the Avon wacked over and I was into a heavy fish out in the flow, after a dogged fight a near 9lb barbel lay in the net , my 1st ever December barbel, the fish was struggling to stay upright in the net so after unhooking, I let her recover until she was stable and could hold her own in the flow, I decided not to put her through any more stress and let her swim off without pictures. As I set up the rod again, the worm rod gave a twitch and I struck into another fish this one began jagging about all over and within a couple of minutes a very angry eel of 3lbs! was being released back into the river. Things went quiet for a while but at 10.30 I had another pristine barbel of 5lbs on boilie down the inside,the worms were removed straight after unhooking the eel! What a cracking December session, feet up now till January (apart from work) Total for December2 barbel.

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