Holidays 2005

We were originally taking a friends boat away for 10 days on the River Trent but unforeseen circumstances (on our part) saw us hastily checking out and getting our caravan ready for a trip to the Peak District. Think Jasper was happy as he wouldn't have to wear his new "lifejacket"

So late Tuesday(2nd August) saw the car loaded and the van hitched up and off we went, arriving just outside Leek in Staffordshire at about 7.30pm. As only me Sue and Beth had gone we never took the awning and all slept soundly in the depths of the countryside. 1st thing Wednesday morning and after a cracking full english breakfast, the decision of where to go on our 1st day. After much discussion we decided on the " Chernet Railway" and then the "Blue John Caves" up in the hills.

The drive to the railway was uneventful but as today was a"Full Steam" day we were looking forward to it Beth made a new friend the train was rather full but we sneaked into a carriage and had a great 90mins up and down the line through the wonderful countryside and one of the longest tunnels about (see short video here).

Then it was on to the peak district and the "Blue John" caves at Castleton, a wonderfull time spent inside the cave with a very good "guide" who had time for every question that was asked. Some photos here

I had decided to come back to Hull to work the week end but at 5.30pm on friday afternoon a phone call from Sue telling me she was on her way to the North Staffs Hospital with Beth in an ambulance, Beth had had a fall at the caravan, I arrived at the hospital at 8.30pm to find them in the childrens room (that cheered beth up!) with Beths arm in a sling awaiting the results of the x-rays. The results showed a broken "humerus" (the bone between the elbow and shoulder) she was going through a lot of pain and a temporary "pot" was put on, the 15mile drive home was not an easy one for her, she felt every bump in the road.

The discussions betwen us over the weekend as regards travelling home meant we stayed at the caravan site and went back to the fracture clinic on Monday morning. More x-rays were taken and after talking to the specialist she decided that a full arm cast was needed but hopefully no operation.

We packed up the caravan as soon as we got back to the site and arrived home early evening on monday.

Beth is really suffering at this time as she cant lie down because of the lateral pressure on her arm, so she is sleeping in my recliner in the living room and its back to the fracture clinic on Monday but at least it is in Hull now.

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