My rods

I have used Peregrine rods for 4 years now and own the following,

2- 11ft Gti's (Tom and Beth also have one each)

1- 12ft Gtx

1- 11ft 9in Specialist Flood Rods (Tom has one too)

1- 11ft 4 piece Avon

I also own a Peregrine S1 fly rod and a 7ft #3wt Brook Rod

Roger McCourtney at Peregrine has been a god send to me, helping me chose the right rod for the right situation, one of the reasons why I recommend his rods. All his custom made barbel rods are built on British made Harrison blanks and hand finished to your individual requirements.


The GTi, probably the most versatile barbel rod on the market, I am equally at home with it on my beloved river Swale in North Yorkshire or on the mighty river Trent in Nottinghamshire.

At 11ft and 1 lb 12 oz T.C. with a sensitive tip to show those little "dinks" and a "through" action right down to the butt, it has enough power to stop even the most determined fish. The full cork handles on my rods, were custom built by Roger with "flat" backs, so the butt lays against the forearm when playing fish. I use the GTi with my Okuma FB "40" reels and I have landed barbel to just short of 13lb on this rod but even with smaller fish you still feel every twist and turn.


The GTX arrived this morning from Roger, , a 1lbs 8ozs 12ft rod, that balances beautifully but with a much softer tip for those tentative touches you often get in low water conditions, can't wait to try it out on the Wharfe on Sunday.

Will do a much fuller detail of the rod next week with a couple of photos and hopefully a barbel on the end of it.

Well Sunday was enjoyable but never had a touch on the GTX, it did feel different to the 4 piece I have been using this summer, a much softer,more through action right down to the bottom of the butt, which when you condider both rods are 1lb 8oz T.C. is a bit different.

Off to the Ribble tomorrow (Nov 21st) with Leso so will give it a go then.

Well gave it a good go over the last week and really impressed with it nice softish tip but lots of power low down, had 8 barbel on it biggest 9+ and it handled them superbly.

Have had this a couple of months now and I had the 1st ever double on the rod from the river Trent on Jan 11th, a superb 12lber, the rod handled her beautifully and it was backed up with an 11lb 13oz barbel just after.


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The Specimen Flood Rod, designed in conjunction with Chris Ponsford.

The rod is 11ft 9in with an unbelievably "soft" tip and through action, which comes into its own when the river is up in flood and coloured. The rod is equally at home fishing up or downstream, but when fishing upstream the "soft" tip will absorb the pull from leaves and debris etc without pulling the lead free. So more time spent fishing could mean more fish on the bank. I do often cast a "method feeder" which when loaded weighs in excess of 10oz! with the rod when coupled with my Okuma Epix Pro "60" reels and I landed my PB barbel of 13lb 15.1/2oz on it last season.



The 4-Piece Avon, at 11ft this is turning into my favourite rod very quickly, mainly because I can keep it tucked away in the car boot in its custom made leather case, with a landing net, my stalker bag and un-hooking mat, then anytime I have an hour to spare I am not without my gear. It is a really cracking rod with a 1lb 8oz TC all-through action and no hint of a flat spot even with 3 joints in the rod. I use the rod with an "Okuma" Patriot "30" and have landed barbel to 10lb 6oz on it.


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