Mike's (barbule's) fishing page

My favourite fishing place
Topcliffe Mill
River Swale
North Yorkshire


EA River Levels

My Fishing Diaries

Some of my favourite fishing sites :

The best rods in the business

The best reels in the busines

The Barbel Society

My best friend's site

The top guiding site

Ralphys Site

Some special pictures :

 Beth's PB - River Trent
 Tom's PB - River Trent
 Mike's PB - River Trent
 Gooner havin a nice cuppa?
 Do you recognise him?
 2 grumpy old men! and a dog.
 A very special picture
 My Favourite Pub

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Some more of myfishing pages :

My rods page
Some of my fishing mates
My Photos
My early fishing life
Into a "specie".          
My barbel rivers

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